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  1. I could suggest Branson, Dollywood, Six flags over wherever….. places where a lot of people go would be great to see that hologram and a performance highlight. Lots of people don’t get to Vegas. Many here in the Midwest just won’t go there or end up going short distances like to Branson and amusement parks. It might highlight Liberace to the younger crowds. As well as Chloe getting it out there if she is promoting the foundation too. I’m sure there are several young artists that would love to have a chance to promote the foundation in videos or even shows in Branson or other places in features or something but for short durations so it can be moved around the country.

  2. Dolly Parton is very involved in her charities providing books for kids and things and she has a theater in Branson that is always popular as well as Dollywood. Both places attract a lot of young people perhaps she could have a Liberace display of some sort at both as well as the museum in Vegas. Something for the rest of the country that can’t make it to Vegas or just won’t go there. There are several theaters there that might be able to host some space for a type of promotion of Liberace and the museum …..something that played his music would be great as well as a display of costume perhaps but the hologram. I guess it would require some staffing problems, sorry I had not thought about that. Maybe that could be worked out though with the theater as a feature in their theaters. They are always up for new shows and things It could be just short runs of time instead of permanently.

    • Thank you for your feedback. We are familiar with many such museums and estates of similar stars. Liberace is part of Las Vegas culture, however, which is probably why his collections enjoy the most demand in the town where he performed and lived since 1944. True, not everyone comes to Las Vegas, but it is by far the most visited city in the world.

  3. I bet the Branson Country Music show that is broadcast weekly on tv would love to have one of the beautiful Liberace mirrored pianos to show during their broadcasts for awhile and they would surely promote the museum and speak of the foundations work on their show. How could they not mention one of those beautiful pianos after all. Even the Grand Ole Opry might have someone to highlight it but I don’t know how many piano players they would have there of course there is Taylor Swift she would be good using it in a performance …….I don’t know how you all work those things and she is probably not in Nashville. In a way those pianos are stars themselves that I’m thinking need to do a tour. lol…….go to different venues and have various artists perform on them and promote the foundation. They are really like that a star attraction they are extremely beautiful and rare.

    • Thank you for your feedback. As you can see, the pianos tour and are played at the Grammys and online by famous artists routinely, when not being seen by visitors to the museum exhibits in Las Vegas.

  4. I always thought of Liberace as a headliner and star feature not really just easy listening. Maybe that is just perspective of a piano player.

  5. Lee, where ever your soul is sweetheart, our time was amazing. I’m so glad to know your talent and beautiful soul are still remembered . I love you, I miss you evert day and our talks.

    Love James Chardin

    James L. Managhan, Jr.

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