Liberace Museum Collection to come out of hiding


The legendary Liberace Museum Collection is soon to return to the spotlight.

An unprecedented team of curators, preservationists and historians are joining forces with famed designers, strategic partners, and the most trafficked and elegant properties, in the most visited city in the world.  All are determined to bring the legacy of Mr. Showmanship to its pinnacle of public exhibition, at a degree of interaction never before seen.

Costumes, vehicles, pianos, jewelry, fine art, interior furnishings, historic documents & photos, film, oral histories and more – some never before shared with the public – will all be included.

Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “Liberace Museum Collection to come out of hiding

  1. I’ve been a trenendous fan of Liberace since I was a child. I continue to enjoy immensely the vibrant and enchanting music of Liberace. The music is timeless.

  2. i saw the art of costumes when i was in las vegas , it was amazing ,this was only a fraction of whats in the museum , i can’t wait till its back on the strip , its greatly missed , also Lees home thats going to be fantastic when its opened to the public , hoping they can link both the house and the museum in a tour , it will be so popular in las vegas !!!

  3. I sincerely hope the Liberace Museum and Foundation can find a new home there in Las Vegas. Was a supporter of both years ago. The incomparable legacy of Mr. Showmanship lives on!

  4. Will this be open in 2016? Visiting in January and would LOVE to see this collection. Too wonderful to stay hidden in storage!

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