Liberace Garage

Where cars became costume

American car culture is like nowhere else. With much of our society designed around the personal auto, cars have become part of our fashion statement and personality. Liberace was a major contributor to this cultural fact, after first taking a car on stage in Las Vegas in 1958, during an automotive convention.

Nowhere in the world are you likely to be seen, photographed, and remembered for your entrance more that at a Las Vegas Strip hotel porte cochere. It’s tradition. It’s literally how we roll.

The car you ride in is part of what you wear. It conveys your taste, sometimes your value, and most often attitude.

Liberace Garage is comprised of three components:

  1. The original collection of artifact cars from the stage shows of Liberace himself
  2. The Classic Rental Fleet, inspired by Liberace and owned by our supporters, for rent to you, with partial proceeds benefiting the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts. Drive them yourself or have us do the driving, at no extra charge
  3. Liberace Museum Store ( with popular costuming accessories for yourself and your vehicles!



Among many other innovations, Liberace was first to use automobiles in his stage show.  Like the costumes he wore, the cars were adorned like no others in history. Their style and use was at the forefront of celebrity conspicuous consumption by Liberace, 60 years ago.


Much more than just a car museum, Liberace Garage houses the actual cars Liberace used on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton and Radio City Music Hall.  Among our collection of cars owned and driven by Liberace are those roadster entrywhich were used in the HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra”; his famous London Taxi, with which he was known to pick up friends arriving at the Palm Springs airport; and his convertible bicentennial Rolls Royce out of which he flew upon entering the stage.  More of Liberace’s automobiles and related artifacts from the Liberace Museum Collection are also on display, all of which were donated to the Foundation by Liberace himself.

The Museum

Ticket holders to the Liberace Garage will for a limited time have free access to the adjacent Michael Dezer’s Hollywood Cars Museum, featuring dozens of cars used in Hollywood film.  We are very thankful to have Mr. Dezer as the premier sponsor of Liberace Garage.


See what Vegas Seven Magazine says about Liberace Garage.

Please contact us to inquire about an event at Liberace Garage!

  • Corporate events
  • Wrap parties
  • Private performances
  • Weddings / receptions
  • Birthdays and special occasions

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9 thoughts on “Liberace Garage

  1. I remember my parents taking me to see Liberace’s house in Las Vegas, when we arrived, there was a dark metallic green Lincoln Continental limousine in the driveway that had a candelabra over each head-lamp. What ever happened to that car? There was also a white station wagon parked on the street. What happened to that car?

  2. Dear Friends: I am hoping to come to see Liberace’s Garage soon as a birthday present to myself. I was wondering if you have a gift shop? Can I view it on this site? Thank you, Joe Kury II

  3. Looking forward in visiting Liberace’s Garage and I am thankful for those that brought this together. I would visit the museum every time I would visit and was thrilled to see it’s back !! Thank you !! Alfred

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  5. I thought this was the greatest. along with the hollywood car museum this is a wonder to see for movie buffs and car enthusiasts. Cant wait to come back to vegas and go though again with my family. Hopefully Liberace will never be totally forgotten

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