Liberace Brand Licensing


Far ahead of his time, Liberace was determined that all future use of his intellectual property, including his name, likeness, personality, publicity, trademarks and copyrights would benefit causes that he himself chose. To effect this, he left all of his intellectual property to his own foundation, assigning much of it a decade before his own demise.  This also made the licensing of his brands a simple, one-stop endeavor.  Increasing the breadth and depth of the brand, Liberace also left his incredible collections of iconic costumes, awards, photos, film, jewels, crystal, china, pianos, cars, mansion treasures and much, much more, known as the Liberace Museum Collection, to his foundation.

The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts owns these intellectual property rights to this day, and is expanding them further with new trademarks and copyrights as it opens up new channels of business in product as service branding and brand and image licensing.


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