Museum Collection Visits

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The Liberace Museum Collection has grown in size, scope and influence year by year.

Enter the Treasure Chest

Far too vast to exhibit at any one venue, the Liberace Museum Collection rivals those of many large museums. The Foundation nonetheless makes every effort to maintain a substantial private exhibit within its storage and studio facilities inside Thriller Villa, the former home of Michael Jackson in Las Vegas, where the massive collection is housed and managed.  From here the collection has shipped to the Paris Museum of Modern Art, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Liberace Steakhouse, the Wick Theater in Boca Raton, and mony other locations.

In addition to exhibited collection artifacts and storage facilities, Museum Collection visitors get a first hand look at the methodology of Liberace Foundation archivists caring for this world-famous collection.

The Liberace Museum Collection at Thriller Villa is not open to the public, and may be viewed by licensing stakeholders by appointment only.

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