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Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Liberace Exhibit at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

The Liberace Museum Collection is a tremendous treasury of artifacts which Liberace himself placed in the care of his Foundation. Additional artifacts and subsets have been added since, such as the costumes from the HBO original movie “Behind the Candelabra”, which were created to resemble originals in the collection.  Because Liberace Museum Collection is too vast and too diverse for most venues  to house the entire collection exhibited, we have also developed smaller, focused exhibits. The collection may travel or even be exhibited at your event in Las Vegas.

Liberace at your Las Vegas event

For Las Vegas events, a variety of Curators and speakers are available from the Foundation, its Board of Directors and the Chairman’s Advisory Board, several of whom knew Liberace personally.

The most ornate and intricately created costumes as well as the most extravagant jewelry, automobiles, pianos, dinnerware, fine art, mansion furnishings, photos, historic documents, crystal and other artifacts are available for display at your venue, conference or expo.  The Liberace Museum Collection is a study of American showmanship over five decades.  It is the epitome of vintage Las Vegas.

Liberace Radio City Swarovski Roadster: Cosmopolitan Hotel Chandelier Bar, Las Vegas

Liberace Swarovski Roadster at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Costs vary depending on the details of your request. All proceeds go to the Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts, benefiting the next Liberace, out there somewhere.

To explore the possibility of exhibiting the Liberace Museum Collection at your venue, please complete the form below.  Please also see our Museum Collection Visit and event opportunity.

A few of our exhibits

A Visit to the Liberace Museum Collection


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