“I own a Liberace artifact”

Liberace was a prolific collector of all things he enjoyed.  Over the course of his life, thousands of items were purchased.  Many remain with his Foundation, but others were gifts to friends; some sold.  They are traveled and transferred for decades.

Now, the Liberace Foundation can exhibit most of Lee’s treasures, regardless of ownership.

Each week we receive requests for appraisals, opinions, purchases or other information about Liberace artifacts owned by private parties all over the world. Many seek to evaluate or sell the items. Others seek to display them with credit to an estate or loved one to whom they were once given by Liberace himself. Nearly all want the public to know about the wonderful costumes, furnishings, cars and more which bear a connection to Mr. Showmanship.

The Liberace Foundation can now facilitate many of these requests.  We have developed several options by which private owners of Liberace artifacts may benefit, while helping to preserve the legacy of Liberace to help new artists.  In short, the Foundation now offers its unique position to maximize such assets for any owner, as the primary clearing house for Liberace artifacts.

Liberace Museum Collection exhibit at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

Owners of Liberace artifacts can now choose what best suits their objective:

  1. Tax deductible donation to the Foundation of the item with permanent display credit;
  2. Loan of the item to the Foundation for exhibition, with display credit; and perhaps;
  3. Display your item with the Liberace Museum Collection, while offering it for sale, or;
  4. Simply authenticate the provenance of an artifact.

When items are offered for sale, the Foundation will seek a buyer who may donate or loan the item to the foundation.  Because your item will be displayed by the best curators and exhibitors in the business, under the best security with comprehensive insurance, you may expect to attract optimum offers.  Few could argue that displaying your Liberace artifact with the Liberace Museum Collection would lend it the greatest cache imaginable.

Authentication and Registry

The Foundation will provide authentication and registry of artifacts as an optional add-on to membership at the Maestro members or above.  The cost is an additional investigation fee of $50.

Liberace Museum Annex Collection Designation

Individually owned Liberace artifacts which the Foundation determines could add value to exhibits curated by the Foundation may be eligible for designation as the Liberace Museum Annex Collection.  This is an extension of the Liberace Museum Collection, entering the artifact into our special database of artifacts owned by private individuals who may exhibit them with the Liberace Museum Collection from time to time, with credit to the lending owner.

The Liberace Museum Annex Collection  and is the highest endorsement of any Liberace artifact by the Foundation.  It is open to owners of artifacts who are Virtuoso members or above, with no additional investigation fee.

Owners of Museum Annex Collection artifacts have the option of offering them for sale when exhibited by the Foundation with the Liberace Museum Collection.  The Foundation charges a commission of 10% for any such sale.  This option allows you to always have the option of exhibiting your piece in the best possible environment to escalate its cache and value.  When such artifacts are offered for sale, the Foundation seeks buyers who will continue in the same system of membership and exhibition, thus maintaining a long-term collection in the privately owned sector.

In order to take advantage of these options, simply obtain your membership at the desired level, then request complete the form below.  Foundation archivists will be in touch to begin the authentication process.