The Foundation

The Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1976.

“Mr. Showmanship” endowed the Foundation with his amazing collection of costumes, automobiles, antiques, art and jewelry, in addition to approximately $4 million in cash. Scholarships and grants exceeded $6 million before the Foundation’s endowment fund saw its sunset in 2011.

The Liberace Museum Collection now travels to many museums and public venues in Las Vegas and around the USA, exhibiting the Liberace creative style and showmanship, while solidifying the licensing potential of the Liberace brand and trademarks.  From brand licensing, we intend to build a new and sustainable endowment fund.

The licensing fees derived from Liberace intellectual property serve to support the foundation.  The mission of the Foundation is to manage the Liberace Museum Collection, Liberace brand, likeness and marks, to produce income and donations to support the collection and provide students artistic exposure and scholarships in the creative and performing arts.

Known the world over as Mr. Showmanship®, Liberace considered the Foundation one of his greatest achievements.  In his book, The Things I Love, Liberace stated, “A lot of good things have happened to me in show business and I want to do what I can to give others just starting out a career boost.  I hope the Foundation projects will continue into the future to offer gifted newcomers financial help, and in many cases, artistic exposure as well.”


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