Records Research Request

The Liberace Museum Collection includes thousands of historic documents and photographs, as well as intellectual property usage for various marks including Liberace and Mr. Showmanship, in both physical and digital form.  Searches of our databases and records is a service offered by the Liberace Foundation.  We will reply to these requests in order received.  The cost of having our team research the collection is $30 per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour fee for a basic data search. Estimates can be provided by completing the request below.

Visits to the collection are by appointment only.  Academic research may be conducted on site, subject to request and approval.  Retrieval and inspection of documents must be done by Foundation archivists.  The cost is $30 per hour.

Please note that the image, likeness, name, publicity rights, personality rights, copyrights and trademarks of Liberace may not be used without prior written permission.