Liberace Foundation honored by Clark County Commission

Recent successes detailed in Proclamation celebrating 100th anniversary of Liberace

Commissioner Tick Segerblom of the Clark County Commission lead the effort to recognize Liberace and his Foundation with a ceremonial awarding of a new proclamation and a spectacular birthday cake at the Clark County Commission chambers.


Liberace Foundation honored by Clark County Commission

Liberace Foundation Chairman Jonathan Warren cuts the Liberace 100th birthday cake of the Clark County Commission. Jody Ghanem, Commissioner Tick Segerblom, Jonathan Warren, Cindy Doumani, Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl | Photo: LVRJ 

“We, the Board of the County Commissioners of Clark County, Nevada, do hereby celebrate the legacy of Liberace on what would be his 100th birthday this year and congratulate the Liberace Foundation on its continued good work in his name.”


One thought on “Liberace Foundation honored by Clark County Commission

  1. Terrific news! A great honor for a great man. Much appreciation to Mr. Warren and the entire board of directors for representing my late friend and his legacy with such care and respect.
    Steve Garey

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