Macklemore and Kesha go Liberace in Vegas

See it for yourself:

2 thoughts on “Macklemore and Kesha go Liberace in Vegas

  1. I miss Lee very much, often making sure his name is still mentioned and he is known to a generation of unfortunate non reference and nose stuck in the phone screen world humans! Showmanship is all but dead by todays celebrities whom are not Stars but just have a name, Lee had a class all his own. He brought smiles, one on my face to this minute. He open doors, made other celebrities into stars and generous nature is still alive in my heart. I miss his cooking. Keep up his legacy …

    —-Mr. James L. Managhan, Jr.

  2. What a wonderful outlook you have on Lee. I, fully remember his 1950’s TV presentations and mother and I were just mesmerized over his talent, looks and personalty. He never fell below his standards. Yes, today’s entertainment is not the same by a long shot. Yet, through the Liberace DVD programs, we can all bring him back into our living rooms as if it was yesterday.

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