Chloe Flower astounds Grammys on Liberace’s piano during Cardi B performance

The Foundation’s star fundraiser rockets to stardom, in a breakout Grammy’s performance on Liberace’s crystal piano

Cardi B’s pianist wins the internet at the Grammys” – TIME

“The 33-year-old ivory tickler unleashed a thousand watts of feverish energy in a voluminous black and white gown topped off with a game face that said it all.”

Who is Cardi B’s amazing Grammys pianist, Chloe Flower?” – ELLE

“the fierce pianist sent Twitter and Instagram abuzz, with many wondering who she was.”

Meet Chloe Flower: The fierce pianist who stole the show during Cardi B’s Grammys performance” – ET

Chloe Flower, Cardi B’s glam Grammy pianist, talks Liberace’s crystal piano” – BILLBOARD

“I’ve been working with the Liberace Foundation for years now.”

Who is Chloe Flower?  Cardi B’s pianist steals the show at the Grammys” – HARPERS BAZAAR

“Flower is ‘passionate about using her music as education to bring much needed awareness to the human trafficking epidemic’.”

Meet the pianist who lit up the Grammys using Liberace’s piano for the blazing performance” – FADER

Cardi B’s badass pianist stole the whole damn Grammys” – COSMOPOLITAN

“The piano I was playing was Liberace’s actual piano. He played with that.  I have his glass piano in my apartment. The crystal one… I really, really wanted that one. The Liberace Foundation has loaned it to me.”

Cardi B shines and so does Liberace’s famous piano” – LVRJ

“The iconic instrument was on display for years at the Liberace Museum, and is still housed by the Liberace Foundation at Liberace Garage on Dean Martin Drive.”

Meet Cardi B’s Grammys pianist, Chloe Flower, who stole the show” – TEEN VOGUE

“The internet was obsessed.”

Meet the breakout Grammys performer Chloe Flower, on Liberace’s crystal piano” – PEOPLE

“The sparkling piano she was playing is also famous.  It belonged to the late, great Liberace.”

Meet Chloe Flower, Cardi B’s badass Grammys pianist (and so much more)” – PITCHFORK

“Liberace left his entire estate to his foundation.  Everything is in one place…in Las Vegas.  I was the first to enter the archive to catalog his hand-written sheet music. I spent four days with no sleep!”

Cardi B’s Grammys pianist Chloe Flower has the internet going crazy: ‘You stole the show‘” – FOX NEWS

Cardi B’s virtuoso pianist stole the show at the Grammys, and Twitter is obsessed” – CLASSICAL FM

“Chloe Flower, a classically trained composer-pianist, opened the performance with some impressionistic broken chords, reminiscent of Ravel or Debussy, on Liberace’s crystal piano.”

Meet Chloe Flower, Cardi B’s Grammys performance piano player” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Cardi B’s Grammys pianist will make you regret quitting piano lessons” – THE CUT

“That was Liberace’s touring piano with Swarovski crystals, which I had them bring that from Las Vegas to L.A.”

Who is this mystery woman? Twitter users go wild for Cardi B’s piano player” – DAILY MAIL

“Incredible: Chloe, 33, stunned viewers as she played on one of Liberace’s pianos during the performance and incorporated in fierce dance moves”

Overnight, Chloe gained 50,000 followers on across social media.  The next day she signed with Sony” – MTV

“And because Flower works closely with the Liberace Foundation, they loaned her another piano for the performance.”


Liberace’s crystal piano, many other pianos, his cars, costumes, jewels and much more can be seen at in Las Vegas.


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