Chloe Flower records the first major Liberace cover ever

A Liberace Christmas represents the first major label recording of a Liberace cover.

Liberace Foundation member of the Board of Directors and Sony Masterworks Artist Chloe Flower has gone down in history as the first major label recording artist to cover a Liberace piece, featuring the Liberace Christmas Medley, in her Liberace Christmas release.

Just four days after the New York artist captured the lens of Manhattan’s paparazzi when she wore the Liberace King Neptune Costume from the HBO’s 2013 film Behind the Candelabra to Heidi Klum’s Halloween party at the Moxy, Chloe’s new single has dropped.

Just as it was for Liberace, Christmas is Chloe’s favorite holiday. Last year she donned the long faux fur coat also worn by Michael Douglas as Liberace, for the recording of her video Carol of the Bells. Both Ellen Mirojnic-designed movie costumes were on loan from the Liberace Foundation.

Recent licenses for commercial ventures including Liberace’s Clare de Lune at the end of the film Oceans Eleven, as well as the 2020 Adidas ad campaign featuring Liberace’s Love Is Blue, support the Liberace Foundation and speak to the influence of Mr. Showmanship. Tributes performances can also be wonderful brand promotion, but recording a cover with a major label provides a royalties boost to the Liberace Foundation with direct credit to the original, and the spectacular current following of Chloe Flower. It’s a distinction that should be noted, and thanks to Liberace, a perfect way to support arts education, a passion of this famed Grammy’s pianist, and composer.

Congratulations Chloe Flower!

Happy Holidays!

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