Line Renaud to again welcome Liberace to Paris


Line Renaud under the her name in lights at the Dunes

The undeniable influence of the Paris on the Las Vegas Strip involves several personalities, including John C. Fremont and Louise de Vilmorin. But it was another grand dame of the City of Light who wove her way into the very fabric of Las Vegas culture.

Frederic Apcar’s brilliant licensing of France’s Casino de Paris, and his production of that show at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, brought us arguably the most significant French personality to impact Las Vegas: Line Renaud.  This tremendously popular singer, actress and stage personality moved to Las Vegas to star in Casino de Paris in 1963.  She would return over the years, and was a key public figure at the opening of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, which she represented in France as its Good will Ambassador.

Liberace and Line Renaud 1955

Line Renaud welcomes Liberace to Paris, France, 1955  |  photo: Getty

But Line Renaud was connected to Las Vegas even earlier.  In 1955, she greeted Liberace on his first trip to her home town of Paris, amid great fanfare.  He had just been signed to the first-ever residency in Las Vegas, at the French-themed Riviera Hotel.

Now, as Liberace Museum Collection artifacts are about to make their way to Paris, as part of a very important five-month exhibition entitled “Medusa:  Jewelry and Taboo” at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, Line Renaud will hold with tradition, welcoming Liberace once again to the City of Light.

Line Renaud

Line Renaud

The Liberace Foundation is thrilled to announce the Honorary Chairperson and Guest of Honor of Liberace’s 98th birthday celebration at the Paris Museum of Modern Art on May 18, 2017, will be that star of recording, stage and film; the author, activist, humanitarian; the incomparable Madame Line Renaud.

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    The Honorary Consul of Monaco in Las Vegas has the honor of hosting Line Renaud at the Paris Museum of Modern Art, for a celebration of the 98th birthday of Liberace, on the occasion of the opening of the tremendous exhibit entitled “Medusa: Jewelry and Taboo.” The exhibit spotlights the impact of jewelry on cultures throughout history and features the artifacts and influence of Liberace. Pianist/composer Chloe Flower will open the exhibit with a performance on the Liberace Crystal Piano, which will remain on exhibit at the Museum.

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