Liberace Scholarships Continue

Some remember Liberace asking deaf students to place their hands on his piano to feel the music.  In his only starring movie role back in 1955, he played a pianist who loses his hearing.

Highly acclaimed Gallaudet University was signed into existence by President Lincoln, and is today America’s oldest institution of higher learning for the deaf and hearing impaired. The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts is a proud member of the Abraham Lincoln Legacy Society at Gallaudet.

Two New Liberace Scholars Emerge

We at the Liberace Foundation are very excited to congratulate the latest winners of the Gallaudet Univeristy Liberace Award for Achievement in Music, for the fiscal year 2016.

Winner of the Liberace Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music:  Emily Catalfamo

emily-catalfamo-of-gallaudet-university-2016-winnerPresident of the Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society, event planner for Late Night Gallaudet and stage manager for Midsummer Night’s Dream under the Gallaudet Theatre, Emily’s major is Communications Studies.  She won Most Valuable Player award on the Bison Cheerleading Squad, is an upper class peer advisor and a recipient of the Psi lota Xi Dance Scholarship.  Miss Catalfamo plans to graduate with honors and obtain her Masters in event management.

Winner of the Liberace Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music:  Janejera Rungreang

janejera-rungreang-of-gallaudet-university-2016-winnerOur winning sophomore at Gallaudet is known for her prowess in art and dance.  She performed in Gallaudet Dance Company’s Jail house Rock, and plans to pursue a course of study which will prepare her to become an art and dance teacher for middle or high school.

A Continuing Legacy

The Gallaudet University winners stand alongside recent Liberace Fellowship Fund Scholarship winner Emily Damrel at Univeristy of North Carolina at Greensboro, and recent Liberace Endowment Scholarship winner Christina Moon at Chapman University .



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