7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Liberace Studios #004 – Royal Albert Hall Photo

  1. Enjoyed the video, though I wish the piano track of “Misty” were more in the background. I had trouble hearing Diana’s explanation.

  2. I could not believe the digitisation was not done with the camera in a lightbox with frame/tripod. Maybe I’m old fashioned or just pertinacity. I hope an improved version will be shown with the contrast improved.

    • We would love to do so! The Foundation has never has the equipment for digitization. In fact, it also has a refrigerated storage vault of hundreds of original and master copy reels containing televisiĆ³n shows, movies, commercials and more, all featuring or starring Liberace, which need to be digitized. A donation of the equipment you mention, for simple still photos, would be a great start! Please help us put the word out! In the mean time Diana wanted to do what she could to preserve this piece immediately.

      • Please, please digitalise the footage – as much as you can – and put it out on the internet or offer it for sale. By all means show the good stuff, but of course show the cutting room floor stuff too. The behind the scenes stuff where Lee is just mingling with people, the stuff where he’s not even looking at the camera, even boring sound tests – please digitalise it all because there are still many Liberace fans out here. If I had any money I’d donate, but I’m as broke as Liberace was when his career first began.

      • Jonathan; I’m a lifelong fan AND the 2007 winner of the Showmanship prize. I’d LOVE to be involved in the project of digitizing and archiving this material. I’ve been a video editor, creator and producer in my own right as well as for Public Television so have (or have access to) much suitable equipment. Call me on 860 658 4988 to discuss.

  3. It was so wonderful to see this picture of Liberace at the Albert Hall. I was there. My father got tickets as my 17th birthday present. I shall never forget it.

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