Treasure trove of rare perks up for grabs in Liberace Museum Indiegogo Campaign

  • Lost hoard of long-discontinued collectors items
  • First-issues of new, limited edition, numbered Liberace luxury items

  • Events and socializing with the friends of Liberace himself

  • Liberace Museum VIP Opening, Museum passes, naming rights, your private parties at Liberace Mansion and Liberace Museum

  • Appearances in Liberace documentary, Executive Producer Credits for The Liberace Awards

The campaign, in planning since January, is set to go live and the perks become available sometime in the next month, when our Facebook page reaches 5,000 likes or when the new Liberace Museum location is formally announced, whichever comes first.  The campaign will continue for 60 days.  Perks will be awarded for contributions from $10 to $100,000.  At least $300,000 must be raised during the campaign in order to complete our installations. Most Perks are limited in number, and will be granted to the first donors as detailed on the upcoming campaign.  The exact time of the campaign launch will be announced via the Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

As part of a fundraising campaign for the installation of the Liberace Museum Collection and the Liberace Mansion Collection into their respective new locations, the Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts will soon launch an elaborate crowd funding campaign via the popular platform,  Having experienced success with the platform for the Huntridge Theater campaign, the Chairman and friends recommended the platform to the Board and offered to lead the charge.

The funds raised will pay for the installation of the Museum and Mansion Collections in new locations accessible by the public. The Foundation has no debt and pays no salaries.  Both of our new locations have been negotiated rent free. This allows funds raised will be utilized for the purpose of installing and curating the collections, to directly enhance the long-term earnings capability of the Foundation.  Funds raised will not be used for rent, interest or salaries.

The campaign will offer an extensive array of perks for the donors during the 60-day online fundraising.  Below are examples of what will be awarded to the donors by the Foundation.

The Perks

1. Extremely Limited Museum Reproductions of Liberace Jewels

Contribution $500 to $1,500

Long discontinued, the rings are cubic zirconium and imitation gemstones on jewelers metals, crafted to a very high level of costume jewelry - so much so they made it into the movie.  The  remaining rings have been held by the Foundation since the 2010 Museum closing, and have become a highly requested collectors item.

The movie “Behind the Candelabra” utilized Museum Reproductions of the Liberace Jewels which had once been sold in the Liberace Museum gift shop. The last of these will go to several dozen of the larger donors.
Long discontinued, the rings are cubic zirconium and imitation gemstones on jewelers metals, crafted to a very high level of costume jewelry – so much so they made it into the movie. The remaining rings have been held by the Foundation since the 2010 Museum closing, and have become a highly requested collectors item.

Museum Reproductions of Liberace Jewels seen in HBO movie

Museum Reproductions of Liberace Jewels seen in HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra” Photo: Claudette Barius/HBO

 2.  The Last of the old museum gift shop

Contribution:  $10 to $250

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3.  Previous Museum Fixtures and Artwork

Additional items not pictured.  Contribution:  $50 to $1,000

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4.  First Editions in Limited Series Licensed Liberace Luxury Items

 Contribution $5,000.  Perks 1 and 2 included with this perk

Signed Original #1 of 1000 Limited Edition Liberace Throws by Anna Nateece

One lucky contributor will own the first in the series created and signed for you by Liberace’s actual fur designer, Anna Nateece.  The throw bears both the signature trademark of Liberace, and the Anna Nateece brand.  Anna herself will number this first issue, and sign it personally for you, with a photo opportunity.

#1 of a series of 1000 new, licensed, limited edition Liberace throws by original Liberace fur designer Anna Nateece.

#1 of a series of 1000 new, licensed, limited edition Liberace throws by original Liberace fur designer Anna Nateece.

Anna Nateece Liberace Edition Label

The Liberace edition label  bears both the Liberace signature trademark and the Anna Nateece Logo.  It will be signed and numbered (#1 of 1000) by Anna Nateece herself

5.  #1 in the series of limited edition Liberace ring by Jason of Beverly Hills

Contribution:  $30,000

Jason of Beverly HillsRenowned celebrity Jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills has been commissioned by the Board to create the first-ever limited edition Liberace ring, entitled “Turning Tables: A new spin on the Liberace classic.”  The ring will be unveiled at Jason of Beverly Hills at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas with original Liberace Jewels from the Museum Collection, on June 28, 2014 at 6:00 pm, which is when the Indiegogo campaign opens.  After the unveiling, the ring will also be shown here.  The remaining 4 rings in the series will be offered at $20,000 each by Jason of Beverly Hills.

One fortunate supporter may have the ring, bearing the Liberace signature trademark and numbered 1 of 5, for a substantial contribution to the indiegogo campaign.  This $30,000 supporter will also have enjoy one of each of the remaining other perks of categories 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10 and 12 at the time of the contribution.

6.  Annual Museum and Mansion Entry Passes

Contribution:  $300 –  $1,000.

Annual passes to both the Liberace Museum and the Liberace Mansion for one year from their opening dates, estimated to be in the winter of 2014.  Passes for individuals, families, groups, etc.  Includes also perk from category 2.

7.  Private Events for you and your guests at Liberace Museum or Liberace Mansion

Contribution:  $5,000 – $25,000

Treat you family and friends to an event designed by you at either the Liberace Mansion or the Liberace Museum.  Whether its a wedding, a dinner party, a cocktail or a company event, it will be unique.

8.  Naming Rights to Three Liberace Museum Rooms

Contribution:  $30,000 to $50,000

Choose the name of one of the three main rooms comprising the new Liberace Museum.  Guests to the Museum will always see “The [your name, memorial name or company name] Room” at the Liberace Museum, and artifacts therein will always be described by the name of the room. Includes lifetime Liberace Museum Passes.  Some restrictions apply.  Feel free to approve your name before contribution by contacting us.

9.  Dinner and photo ops in Las Vegas with Liberace Foundation Directors and Advisory Board Members

Contribution:  $2,500

Dine in Las Vegas with the distinguished members of the Board of Directors and available members of the Advisory Board of the Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing Arts.  Board Members include Liberace fur designer Anna Nateece, Las Vegas icon Cindy Doumani and others.  The Advisory Board includes Liberace’s conductor Bo Ayars: member of his stage production Rockette Jody Ghanem and others.  Subject to calendaring and availability, you will also be expected to pay for the dinner itself.

10.  Liberace Vanguard membership and your on-camera interview in upcoming Liberace feature-length PBS documentary

Contribution:  $10,000

Liberace Vanguard is the name given to the most elite of supporters of this, the Foundation he left behind.  Up to ten contributors will be inducted into this group by the Board of Directors.  These individuals will appear in a feature-length PBS documentary soon to begin production.

11.  Executive Producer credit and sponsor naming rights for the Liberace Awards 2015

Contribution:  $10,000 – $100,000

The celebrated re-launching of the scholarship and grants programs of the Liberace Foundation will take place at the close of 2015, when we host the inaugural Liberace Awards, our finals in the entertainment category, in Las Vegas.  Up to three contributors will enjoy Executive Producer credits on this lavish production, one contributor may claim premier sponsor naming rights.  The event is sure to attract international attention.

12.  Your photo wearing the Emmy® Award-winning HBO re-creation of Liberace’s famed white fox coat, worn by Michael Douglas as Liberace in “Behind the Candelabra”

 Contribution:  $1,000

Michael Douglas as Liberace in

Michael Douglas as Liberace in “Behind the Candelabra” wearing the Emmy Award-winning reproduction of the Liberace white fox coat

The movie poster from HBO's

The movie poster from HBO’s “Behind the Candelabra” featured the Emmy-winning re-creation of famed Liberace coat


All figures and perks are estimates and subject to change prior to the launch of the Indiegogo campaign.  The Liberace Foundation is not affiliated with Indiegogo or HBO.  All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  Limitations, restrictions and conditions apply.  Full details and disclosures will be made on the campaign.  Do not contribute until you know the conditions.

10 thoughts on “Treasure trove of rare perks up for grabs in Liberace Museum Indiegogo Campaign

  1. This all sounds very exciting. After the Museum closing I was afraid we’d seen the last of it all. As an acquaintance of Lee’s from the late 1960s, I’m thrilled to see all of this wonderful activity. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is so very exciting! Thank you so much for keeping the legend alive for all of us and future generations! I am already looking forward to finding out the Museum location and seeing the PBS Special. <3
    One question: How will parking be handled at the Mansion during events? Isn't it iin an almost suburban location?

    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

      Regarding the Mansion, we do not anticipate that it will become a museum. Rather, a more exclusive venue of a more limited use is likely. Parking is of course accounted for in such permit processes. We will keep you up to date.

      The Liberace Museum will be at a different location, fully commercial in nature and on the Strip.

      • Thank you! I thought of that because a friend bought and renovated a huge bayfront house near Atlantic City with the idea of a Bed & Breakfast or a place for weddings and such, and last I heard the town would still not approve a business license solely due to the parking- it would have taken up many quiet, surrounding blocks for every decent sized event, and the locals wouldn’t stand for it…If you know anyone who would like a beautiful ten bedroom Victorian that is totally useless, except maybe for the Brady Bunch, let me know!!
        I saw your video from the news station about the projects and I am so happy to see a man of your obvious talent and vision making it a reality, wonderful news for us all…The YouTube videos someone posted a couple of years ago of the Mansion in ruins were heartbreaking- made me wish I had a large trust fund- I would have gladly tried to find a way to bring it back to it’s original glory. This all is shaping up as a great excuse to visit an old friend in Vegas; I haven’t been out there for quite a while…But some ex-girlfriends’ new husbands are so touchy about these things…
        Keep up the great work!
        Regards, Boomer

  3. I think you are doing Liberace proud.Thank-you most kindly. I really look forward to being able to visit the new Museum (once it is open) I would like to make a donation,how would I go about doing that? Kindest regards, Adam.

    • Thank you, Mr. Hughes!

      We look forward to having you at the Museum. Donations can be made in the meantime using our Paypal account on the right side the page at Thanks a million!

  4. Kudos to everyone involved in maintaining Liberace’s life legacy. Looking so forward to the new museum 🙂

  5. Fantastic effort all round.
    I’d love to see the museum, and the mansion, but understand the logic of keeping it as a special venue.
    You might, however, look at how they host small groups at Elvis Presley’s Palm Springs home. Seems to work, and fans get to see inside for small-sized guided tours, booking first.
    Finally, that candelabra ring needs reproducing for souvenir sales! 🙂

  6. I would love to see liberates museum continue on so everyone would know who he was. I learned a lot just seeing all of his background on the Internet.

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