Resorts World brings Liberace and Hilton Reunion

After a two decade hiatus from the Las Vegas Strip, Hilton brands return with a bang at Resorts World, and they’ve brought Liberace with them.

The Liberace Foundation is proud to announce the opening of its exhibit, “Mr. Showmanship” at Resorts World, the first hotel casino to open on the Las Vegas Strip in nearly ten years.

(L.E. Baskow/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @Left_Eye_Images

Resorts world combines three Hilton hotel brands in one massive and spectacular property. The lobby of the upscale Conrad Hotel, named for the company’s founder Conrad Hilton, hosts a spectacular exhibit of a recently restored Liberace show piano which was designed for the original Las Vegas Hilton shows of Liberace in the 1970’s. The exhibit also features a legendary Liberace Candelabra, and the work “Dichoterace,” a massive original work of art created using a 1967 portrait of Liberace by Allen Warren.

Resorts World has augmented the exhibit with a spectacular new work by contemporary graffiti pop artist Spencer Couture as well, featuring Liberace and the exhibited piano.

The exhibit is free and open to visitors to the stunningly appointed, upscale Conrad lobby, inside Resorts World. The artifacts include QR codes narrations providing history and context.

The Liberace Foundation congratulates Resorts World on their spectacular grand opening, and Hilton, on their triumphant return to the Las Vegas Strip!

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