Foundation to restore Liberace’s Fabergé Egg Radio City Stage for new performers

Fundraiser will resurrect Liberace’s most elaborate stage in Las Vegas, built to travel to other venues

Liberace’s last residency was at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  There he had command of the most substantial, most advanced stage in his career.  He did not let it go to waste.


In celebration of Easter, Liberace constructed a giant, 15-foot Faberge-style egg, at the top of stairs center stage.  Easter bunnies opened the doors for him to exit the egg onto stage, while showgirls holding candelabrum lined the stairs.  Liberace of course came out of the egg on stage in a cape of pink feathers.  He had also arrived on stage in a crystal-encrusted Deusenberg-style roadster, and played a piano similarly covered in rhinestone.

All of the stage components have been retained by the Liberace Foundation for the over-thirty years since that show.  Except, that is, for the centerpiece giant egg. This was held by a private collector who made it part of his home as an outdoor entrance.

Recently, however, the Liberace Foundation managed to acquire the long-lost critical artifact.  Now, we intend to restore it.  This time, it will be as spectacular as ever, but will be of modular construction so that the entire stage, including the car, piano, egg and stairs may travel to other venues when not in use at Liberace Garage.

The fundraiser, established by the Foundation to make this possible, provides perks for donors ranging from admission to Liberace Garage, where the “Fab Egg” is being restored, to use of the stage and event space itself and private lunch tours of the Liberace Museum Collection.

The entire campaign is the first in a series entitle “Liberace100,” celebrating the 2019 100th birthday of Liberace.  The Foundation intends to see a Las Vegas street named for Liberace, his image used in a spokesman capacity for the City, and the lights on the strip dimmed at last for Liberace on his 100th birthday.









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