Carshare Concierge

“Carshare” is when private party hosts rent their cars to other private party renters, usually through an app platform which also provides insurance and booking services.

Successful carshare demands great cars, astounding service, and location, location, location.

Carshare Concierge is a service of Liberace Garage. We are closer all terminals at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), and closer to the Las Vegas Strip, than even the airport’s own Rent-A-Car Center. We nearer still to Atlantic, JSX and Signature private jet terminals.

Liberace Garage offers an unmatched suite of carshare services for hosts or renters

Our location is closer to the Airport terminals and the Strip than even the airport’s own car rental facilities.

Be careful:  Pick up or delivery by carshare platform hosts of a rented car, to any property owned by Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), is strictly prohibited, and may lead to vehicle impounding.  Airport deliveries of cars rented through Turo and other carshare platforms in Las Vegas requires additional steps and careful adherence to the law, as well as terms and conditions of your carshare platform.  Make sure you host knows the ropes.  We do!

Turo, Driveshare, Hyrecar, Getaround, Drivevinty, and other carsharing platform hosts and renters use Liberace Garage to make carshare in Las Vegas easier, and more productive.  Our services are usually booked by the host as part of the package offered to renters, but they can also be booked and paid by the renter themselves.

We make it easy and consistent

Save a fortune over rental insurance coverage offered by Turo, Getaround and other peer-to-peer carshare platforms, for rental cars up to 8 passengers and up to 20 years old!

Get Cheaper Carshare Insurance

Save a fortune over rental insurance coverage offered by Turo, Getaround and other peer-to-peer carshare platforms, for rental cars up to 8 passengers and up to 20 years old!

Car Flip Hosting Service

A “car flip” is the act of transferring a carshare vehicle from its owner to a renter, or back, or from one renter to the next, on behalf of the car owner.


  1. Hosts drop cars off at Liberace Garage, to easy access and our platform-approved & insured drivers
  2. Our pre-trip exterior and interior photos (in addition to owner’s photos), including tire tread measurement, is transmitted to the host via WhatsApp
  3. We prepare a pre-trip video and multi-photo damage report, and transmit it to host via WhatsApp
  4. Renter picks up from our location closer to the airport and the Strip than even the Airport Rent-A-Car facility


  1. Renter makes the easy drops off to Liberace Garage.
  2. We photo log the return time of the vehicle and transmit it to both host and renter.
  3. We take Exterior and interior photos (in addition to renter’s photos) transmitted to host and renter via Whatsapp.
  4. We prepare a video damage report and transmit it to host and renter via WhatsApp.
  5. We clean Interior and exterior of car to standard of carshare platforms, including fully documented special cleanings when required (special cleanings may be ordered by renter or host at additional cost, always with host approval only. Full auto detailing is also available).
  6. During services, renter has use of our comfort lounge and restrooms.
  7. During services, renters are offered free bottled water, coffee or hot chocolate.
  8. Renters have free tickets to Liberace Garage, exhibiting the most outrageous show cars ever made.
  9. Renters have free luggage storage until 6:00 pm daily, at Liberace Garage, after returning the carshare vehicle.
  10. Host enjoys continued free parking of shared cars at our location between same-day flips before 6:00pm, or other services.
  11. Our crews are fully Covid vaccinated and always masked and gloved when handling your car.

Need more help?
Text the guy in charge.

Optional Add-ons

Airport Pickup and Return

We pick up arriving renters from the McCarran International Airport, and return them after the trip, with the car safely parked on our lot. We will even store their bags if needed.

  • We shuttle renters with our commercial Uber and Lyft dispatch, directly from the Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) to the rented vehicle on our lot, always with licensed, fully insured vehicles carrying only renter party, from rideshare pickup at the Airport.
  • Renter need not have Uber or Lyft apps, no need to order the car, it’s all done.
  • Our dispatcher coordinates directly with renter every step of the way, with onscreen tracking.
  • We provide unbiased directions to hotel, sites, best routes, etc. from professional local drivers.
  • We offer returns for each renter to the airport via same method after their carshare trip is completed.
  • Scalable for parties from 1 to 24 guests


Las Vegas builds stadiums and arenas with no parking. Ticket holders often walk for miles!

We valet park carshare vehicles for renters at any venue in the Las Vegas Strip tourism corridor. Requires adding our approved driver when you book your car. Contact us below for instant answers to any questions.

  • Drive straight to the entrance of each destination venue, not valet line or rideshare sideshow
  • When leaving, pick up your car from our valet in the privileged private cars section.
  • No lines
  • No waiting to drop off or pick up
  • No paying for parking on-site
  • No hiking to your car in vast parking garages, or even miles away from a stadium
  • No unknown or unsanitary drivers in the car
  • No mystery parking locations
  • No wondering – you see your valet’s location on Google Maps at all times


A full tank of the proper fuel after each trip
(for car flip customers only)

  • Ensure the proper grade of fuel is used every time
  • Keep tank full for each new trip
  • Receipt documentation transmitted to hosts and renters via Whatsapp

Parking between Flips

Keep your car with us, close to the airport and the Strip, between rentals

(For car flip customers only)

  • Cars picked up before 5:00 pm same day: FREE PARKING
  • Cars we flip for you within 24 hours: FREE PARKING
  • Next day car flip (before 6:00pm next day) $20
  • Daily rate per 24 hour period or any portion thereof: $20

This is our fleet.
We take care of these.
We’ll take care of yours.

Liberace Garage

Who’s in charge here?
Jonathan Warren
Chairman of the Liberace Foundation – Honorary Consul of Monaco
Over 50 years in Las Vegas – Citizen of the World – Classic Car Collector


Text the guy in charge:

Parking for Carshare Concierge services at Liberace Garage