Advisory Board

Liberace’s All-star Advisory Board is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers.

Advisors to the Board have expertise and/or experience of value.  They are nominated by the Chairman and confirmed by the Board.  Many were friends or worked professionally with Liberace.  Others offer expertise valuable to the legacy of Liberace.

In alphabetical order:

Jon Altimus

Heather Atwell

Bo Ayars

Dr. Dierdre Clemente

Melissa Corken

Dr. Connie Furr-Soloman

Joey Galon

Jody Ghanem

Jan Jewett

Dana Lerz-Nisley

Susan Jane Liberace

Dr. Edvinas Minkstimas

Joey Pero

Martyn Ravenhill

Steve Schorr

Warwick Stone

Dr. Elizabeth von Till Warren

Zar Zangeneh