3 thoughts on “The King of Easy Listening Reigns Again – Wall Street Journal

  1. I could suggest Branson, Dollywood, Six flags over wherever….. places where a lot of people go would be great to see that hologram and a performance highlight. Lots of people don’t get to Vegas. Many here in the Midwest just won’t go there or end up going short distances like to Branson and amusement parks. It might highlight Liberace to the younger crowds. As well as Chloe getting it out there if she is promoting the foundation too. I’m sure there are several young artists that would love to have a chance to promote the foundation in videos or even shows in Branson or other places in features or something but for short durations so it can be moved around the country.

  2. I always thought of Liberace as a headliner and star feature not really just easy listening. Maybe that is just perspective of a piano player.

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