Henderson Symphony Orchestra celebrates Liberace 100

Season Finale “Liberace” draws renowned Liberace Foundation Scholar 


Michael Sheppard

On May 17, 2019, the evening following Liberace’s 100th anniversary, the Henderson Symphony Orchestra presents the season finale of its summer series, entitled “Liberace.”

A Peabody Institute Faculty member, Leon Fleischer protégé and Liberace Scholar, renowned pianist Michael Sheppard is anticipated to play Le Tombeau de Liberace from Michael Daugherty’s American Icons.

Michael Sheppard is one of over 2700 students who have received scholarship assistance from the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts.  New Liberace Scholars continue to be announced each year.

Mr. Sheppard will be playing Liberace’s famed Crystal Grand Piano, most recently seen on the 2019 Grammys where it was played by Chloe Flower during the performance of Cardi B.


61st Annual Grammy Awards, Show, Los Angeles, USA - 10 Feb 2019

Chloe Flower and Cardi B with Liberace’s piano. 61st Grammy Awards | Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock (10095018ln)

This is the Crescendo of the summer series conducted by the incredible Alexandra Arrieche, who fought to make sure this celebration of Liberace would take place here in the metropolitan area of the entertainer’s greatest fame.


Alexandra Arrieche conducts The Night of the Proms


“In the 19th century

era of the piano and romanticism, classical music was the dance music of the ballrooms. We could compare J. Strauss II to ABBA.  Franz Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Chopin had the same impact on the audiences as Elvis, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. Somehow, we lost this connection.  Classical music went through a dark period.  Criticizing was more important than enjoying and appreciating.

Alexandra (1)Then came Liberace.

He boldly filled the gap we had created between  classical and pop music. His crossover style has been copied by all generations since. He brought the instrumental symphonic music back to the masses. His persona, his fashion, his style, the way he communicated and made the audiences feel included and appreciated is what brought about the modern residency model, as he personified the very image of Las Vegas around the world.”

-Alexandra Arrieche

Sure to include a few surprises, this celebration concert of Liberace’s 100th is free to the public.

One thought on “Henderson Symphony Orchestra celebrates Liberace 100

  1. Such thrilling news!! I can’t imagine a more musically captivating evening. Heartfelt congratulations to those who with tremendous creativity put this event together and I wish each one of you great success and pride in a job well done

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